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Empowering a New Generation of Music Artists


HyperTribe was built to lower the gap of disparity between those that have ‘made it’ (the 1% of artists) and those that are struggling while developing (99%). Without a sustainable income artists lose the ability to commit to developing their craft and have a higher rate of quitting.

Are you struggling to find the motivation and accountability to grow your career and follow your passion? Looking to join a network of talented and experts of the industry?

There is power in community. By banding together we can reach other heights as independent artists and more. Start your personalised music journey. With resources, guidance and mentorship as a powerhouse of support to give you the best chance of success. 


Create independently, take your music to the next level with community guidance from like-minded artists.

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The Building Blocks of HyperTribe Include...


Collaboration - Growing in music can't happen alone. HyperTribe gives you the tools & network to reach your goal through collaboration!


Networking - Whether you like it or not, the world is moving at a faster pace than ever. Get introduced to potential partners, learn and share instantly via our chat!


Masterclasses - Lessons from the very best music professionals. Those who have done it. Including our Incubator Course to get your from 0 to hero and navigate the music industry. 


Meet-ups - Create new connections in real life but also through our webinars. Let's move forward together!


Mentoring - Advice and tips to succeed and boost your career! From your peers to industry we have it all under one roof, no need to go anywhere else.


Live Industry Events - Meet exceptional professionals. Our network is growing by the day and we want to share it with you!

Music Artist Community
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Nyotaa HyperTriber

"HyperTribe has changed my views within the music industry. You can learn and create independently with great help of mentorship and guidance they have provided as a team."

Nyotaa - HyperTriber

Artist Entrepreneurs

"It was just what I needed to kick-start my solo music efforts"

Maya Lakhani - HyperTriber 




per month

Personalised branding tools

Group mentoring

1-to-1 monthly strategy mentoring

Personalised content calendar

Personalised branding board

Tailored networking

Access to all live masterclasses including Q&A's

Members networking and chat


Industry Events + Discounts

Access to Industry Expert Sessions

Monthly meet-ups

Toolkit and resources

Access to over 100+ resources

Access to our Incubator Course

Access to Artist Entrepreneur Course

HyperTribe onboarding experience

​"I've done more in 3 months with HyperTribe than 9 years"

Georgia Tuohey - HyperTriber

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