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The music industry is fractured and only allows for the 1% to make a sustainable living from their profession. This is because the industry is so complex and also has a legacy development path with gatekeepers.


We aim to simplify this by giving artists the resources, connections, ability to earn and knowledge they need to progress.

Why Us

HyperTribe was built to lower the gap of disparity between those that have ‘made it’ (the 1% of artists) and those that are struggling while developing (99%). Without a sustainable income, artists lose the ability to commit to developing their craft and have a higher rate of quitting. We deprive ourselves of good music and talent if we don’t fix the gap of disparity. 

Artist Entrepreneurs
chnage the music industry

HyperTribe is a peer-to-peer and expert community to help music artists with knowledge, support and opportunities. Our aim is to support artists so that they can cut their learning time, access experts, and earn a sustainable income from the community. 


We want to promote a more equal and fair system disregarding; race, gender, socio-economic background, promote a sustainable balanced industry for all. 

We believe that there is a world where artists that want to do music can beat the ‘starving artist’ stereotype and actually build a sustainable income through their passions and music with the right resources and education. 


HyperTribe aims to improve and refine the artist development process for musicians across a variety of genres of music to attain at a minimum a sustainable income and make the process as straightforward and easy as possible. 

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