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Introducing the Artist Entrepreneur Programme included in your HyperTriber membership

Learn how to monetise your music and protect your business. From those who have built businesses to multi-million-pound turnovers. Beat the ‘starving artist’ stereotype.

Music Industry

"This programme is for anyone who wants to know how to maximise revenue and get their career going as a smart entrepreneurial artist."
- Kimmy Dickson, Founder of HyperTribe

Your teachers

Kimmy Dickson

Kimmy Dickson

Founder of HyperTribe. 

Having spent 10 years in music starting with her time at Syco Sony, Kimmy Dickson has helped over 2500 artists get on their feet and knows the music industry tricks of the trade. 

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Colin Aurelius


Colin has previously build multi-million pound businesses and continues to help millennials get to their dream careers. He is a published author with raving reviews as the secret key to success in business.

We have designed this course to be flexible. Here is a breakdown of what you will learn.

  • Week #1: Framing & Goal Setting as a musician - What do you expect of yourself and what do you want from the music industry?


  • Week #2: Left Brain - what is music to you? is it a hobby or career? We need to do a little 'left brain' thinking to work out what we need to cover to set ourselves up correctly.


  • Week #3: Where is the money? - understanding revenue streams in the music industry and where these come from is essential. We go over these for you to get some clarity.


  • Week #4: Distribution Channels - Knowing where to distribute your music and more importantly your routes to your audience is key to getting revenue for your music.


  • Week #5: Data-Driven Sales - you're building as a business and operating as an influencer so data can act as your guide and compass to prioritise your focus.


  • Week #6: IP, Trademarks & Copyright: Protect your brand, music and future.

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