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Go on tour with Dope Saint Jude in 2022

Apply below to enter into the competition to go on tour with Dope Saint Jude. This is an ideal opportunity for those with a part-time job or flexible working. There will be a minimum of 30 shows, more are expected. 1 year commitment with busy dates July-October 2022.

See more about Dope Saint Jude here: Artist |


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Dope Saint Jude who has featured works with the likes of Renault Group, McDonald's and Apple adverts as well as on shows for Netflix, DreamWorks Animation, HBO, BET and AppleTV will personally mentor a emerging artist & take them on tour.

  • Backing vocalist/hype person

  • Fee of €120 per show

  • Hotels, flights & food covered

  • Countries to be visited include France, Portugal, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, UK and US

  • Be mentored by Dope Saint Jude.

a message from dope saint jude
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Dope Saint Jude is looking for someone who would like to learn from the tour experience by being a backing vocalist/hype person in 2022. The aim is to help a fellow musician with career development and growth.

You will join as a backing vocalist and  hype person. You will be put into rehearsals and have a chance to learn the role.

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