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An Introduction to Film Scoring - 4 Week Mini Course on HyperTribe

Welcome to the inaugural session of a mini course on film scoring offered by HyperTribe with mentor Lauren Finch. This introductory event will outline the enriching path you're about to undertake. We'll detail HyperTribe's mission to foster emerging talent in the music industry and provide a preview of our comprehensive curriculum designed to take your musical aspirations to the silver screen.

Course Outline:
In this session, you'll get an overview of the entire course structure:


  • Session 1 - 22nd Nov -  will cover the essential tools and hardware needed to get started with composing.

  • Session 2 - 29th Nov -  will delve into the process of scoring a scene, from understanding the brief to the final delivery of music.

  • Session 3 - 6th Dec - will focus on practising your skills and building a portfolio through various exercises and real-world applications.

  • Session 4 - 13th Dec - will navigate the realm of finding work and networking within the industry.

  • Bonus session - 14th Dec - with The Cue Tube and additional mentors

Learning Benefits:
By participating in this course, you will not only acquire the essential skills to compose and score for film but also gain strategic insights into showcasing your work and connecting with industry professionals. This course promises to equip you with a well-rounded understanding of the industry's expectations and how to meet them.


Who is this for?
This session is open to all—from enthusiasts who are curious about the world of film music to those poised to begin their professional journey. If you're ready to transform your passion for music into a fulfilling career, this introduction to our course is the perfect first note. Join us at HyperTribe to begin orchestrating your future in film scoring. You do not need previous experience in film score. 

Important information

By joining the session you consent to receiving email updates and marketing from HyperTribe in the future. 

Lauren Finch

Meet your mentor, Lauren Finch, an illustrious UK-based composer with an MA in Professional Media Composition. With a diverse portfolio that includes everything from short films to theatre, Lauren's extensive knowledge and network of professional musicians will be at your disposal, providing an unparalleled educational experience.

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