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Calling all aspiring music producers, singers, and songwriters! In collaboration with Ableton, we invite you to join our foundation music production course. This short, 4-week course is aimed at complete beginners, and those with a basic knowledge of Ableton Live or music production generally. 

You will leave the course with a solid understanding of how to use
Ableton Live, and plenty of ideas for how you might start to put tracks together. 

You will learn the fundamentals of programming MIDI, building beats, laying down vocals, mastering and tips on how to bring your creative ideas to life. 

Our aim is to give you the skills and confidence to up your game with the help of Pops Roberts, a truly amazing artist and certified Ableton educator. 


Registration is now closed.

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Dramatic DJ

What does the 4-week programme include?

workflow + foundation

  • Programming Beats (MIDI)

  • Building Harmonies - tips and tricks

  • Sampling (AUDIO)


creative vocal production

  • Recording vocals - tips and tricks

  • BVs - experimenting, grouping

  • Comping - gaps, fades, etc.


Songwriting techniques - idea generation

  • Description exercise (e.g. film technique)

  • Developing concepts + rhyming grids

  • Participants share their own methods


structure, mixing & mastering

  • Structure skeletons

  • Mixing tips e.g. EQ, bass vs kick, compression overview

  • General Q&A/Troubleshooting


Course Outline:

  • FREE, Short form course, perfect for beginners or those new to Ableton.

  • Explore fundamental music production skills & creative techniques. 

  • Learn to navigate and create music in Ableton Live.

Online session at 7:00 PM GMT every Monday starting 14th of November.

This programme will be run by Pops Roberts. Pops is a producer, vocalist and Ableton Certified trainer specializing in workflow, creative strategies in production with a particular focus on vocalists in production.

Pops has worked and mentored for establishments such as Arts Council, Brighter Sound, Saffron Records, CreateDefineRelease along with multiple CICs and brands.

Pops releases as a producer/topline artist under the moniker “Private Joy” but also as bandleader of the Lovescene collective, and has put records out with labels such as International Feel Ibiza, WOLF, Apollo R&S, Audio network and many more, with collaborations with Ruf Dug, FINN, Zed Bias, DubPhizix and Swing Tign to name a few.

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