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If you are an aspiring musician looking to make your first release and ready to dive into the basics of the music industry to take that critical step towards becoming a professional, then this is your chance!

What can you expect to learn? Well, brace yourself for an insightful overview of the music industry, Campaign Strategy, Social Media Development, Developing Your Brand, Songwriting, and Getting Gigs.

This session will be talking all about what you will learn and new details about the cohort. This new cohort will help you to get to navigating the music industry and developing your brand quickly with a small group of your peers. 

You do need to be on the HyperTriber Pro tier to participate but this session is just an explainer session and will be used to ask lots of questions so you can understand more. 

The actual cohort will start on
Monday 3rd of July for 8 weeks and will be for 1hour every evening. 

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