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Go global with our network and resources

You may be at a stage in your music journey where you feel stuck. You know what you should be doing, but you are not sure about how to get there. We believe the journey of each musician should focus on:

  • Get accountability and support around daily goals

  • Nurture a strong fanbase and foster a connection with fans

  • Feel confident in their marketing and strategy & where you are going

  • Make meaningful connections online and offline, in the industry and beyond

​"I've done more in 3 months with HyperTribe than 9 years"

Georgia Tuohey - HyperTriber

Georgia Tuohey - HyperTriber

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Learn how to market your music in the digital world

Amplify your reach, grow your fanbase, level up your strategy. We want to help you take daily steps and build a sustainable habit around working on your music.

Find the accountability you need to set achievable goals and work together toward more significant milestones. You can save time and money by accessing a full suite of tools and experts to help you level up your brand. Not sure about how to get started? Let us show you how Hypertribe can work specifically for you.

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Char Brockman - HyperTriber

I can't thank you both enough! It's given me such a boost and the encouragement to believe in myself more.

Char Brockman - HyperTriber

The tools you need to set powerful daily practices

  • Collaboration through match-making opportunities within our private network

  • Learning and upskilling with masterclasses on topics like streaming, NFT and much more

  • Guidance with group and individual mentoring sessions with industry experts

  • Growth via exclusive partnerships and distribution channels with critical players in the industry

  • Campaign strategy and brand sessions with our in-house coaches

We want your music to get heard.

The music industry is changing fast, and we want you to evolve with it. Build a sustainable income through your passion. We'll help you navigate every aspect of the industry, including campaign strategy, social media, gigging, songwriting and more. 


We present each member with a personalised music journey based on their unique needs. You'll receive tailored resources, guidance and mentorship as a powerhouse of support to help you thrive in the industry. Get the support of hundreds of sidekicks there to guide you every single day.

Performer on Stage

The journey is hard, don't go alone find your tribe.

You may be looking to leave your part-time job, be featured on the hottest playlists, book your first solo gig, or find new ways to monetise your music. You feel so overwhelmed you do not know what to do next. Focus more on what you love - find a space for your creativity to foster.

  • Amplify your reach via new distribution channels

  • Grow your fanbase harnessing marketing and social media

  • Level up your strategy by exploring new avenues within the industry

Join HyperTribe today by applying below.

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Do you agree to accept email marketing updates from HyperTribe under GDPR?*

Rika - HyperTribe mentor

"HyperTribe are essential to the music industry as they are a bridge for people who are starting out to people who can share exclusive knowledge on the things we all share a passion for - music!"

Rika - HyperTribe mentor

Learn How to Market Your Music with Hypertribe

See what we can do for you in this personalised 15-minute call. Based on where you are in your music journey we’ll share practical tools to help you grow your reach and fanbase. (Please share any links you have).

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