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Bringing Back the Middle Class of Artists

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Art is an expression. It espouses values, human emotions, and conceptual ideas. It is symbolic of the artist’s imaginative prowess – the range of tonalities that run through an artist’s pure creative genius. Art, perhaps, for the longest time has been a tool and instrument for revolting against the norm. It helps people to cut through the barriers that shackle the human race. Since the start of the modern era, capitalism has proved itself to be harmful to art and artists, as it advocates superficiality, poor taste, and constraint. In sharp contrast, music creators create music pieces for all socio-economic backgrounds, for all music preferences, and for social issues that cripple the very fabric of society.

The Middle-Class Artists

The nurturing soil for artists is to break down boundaries, reinvent the understanding of the world we reside within, and reimagine the status quo we all conform to. The art world sets the aesthetic, which in turn resonates with communities, cultures, races, and creeds across the globe. Music artists are at the very epicenter of this unique dynamic, as the art they create connects with people, shapes thought patterns, and weaves uplifting experiences.

These creators emerging from different backgrounds, different experiences, and different cultural diversities create a merging unison, by uniting music fans from all over the world into a shared experience. Back in the 1940s, the UK was increasingly fueling and furthering the ideology of ‘art as a preserve of the rich. In the 21st century, however, the UK promotes increased inclusivity, diversity, cultural harmony, and creative freedom for artists.

With subcultures integrating into each other, the caliber of music that is produced and made available on the best music apps for Android and the best music apps for iPhone is a rich concoction of meticulous refinement and is a product of what the consumers demand and seek.

Understanding Their Grassroots

These gig artists, having transformed themselves into music micro-influencers, understand the cultural aesthetic, the music taste, and the musical inclination of their consumers, as they emerge from amongst them. This shared consensus leads them to produce music that isn’t conventional by all aspects, but is instead inventive, imaginative and imbued with creative genius.

Music doesn’t require a proper course or training, as it is an inherent inclination. This gives each individual, stemming from the different corners of the society, an inroad into recognition, into presence, and appreciation, based on pure talent. Art empowers and liberates individuals that wish to harness its reach. With the advent of digital music retail and with no pressing necessity of music representatives, creators possess the power and the control, to monetize their talent, control their artistic freedom and be free to explore their parameters.

With each artist getting to voice their thought processes, society gains from listening to a collaborative conversation.

The Significance of Digital Channels

The right connections with the right people can land individuals in promising positions. Through digital distribution, recording their music pieces in small recording studios, and bypassing the need for music publishing companies, artists can neutralize the need for the right acquaintances.

By projecting their thoughts, their brand image, and their unique music aesthetic, paired with creating a direct link to their consumers, music creators can attract the attention of retail brands. By marrying themselves with the right brand, they can create a certain value and a certain imprint on their consumer’s mindset.

With an established social media presence, creators gain access to understanding their consumers, engaging with them, and pushing forward their music pieces, without any intermediaries seizing their slice of revenue or fame.


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