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Creating a brand to make you stand out as a musician

Being an artist can be challenging when you are competing for attention from fans and the industry. Social media is often fleeting and fans can sometimes be fickle. You need a brand that will make you as an artist represent your true self and really make you stand out.

The first thing you have to look at on your road and pathway to becoming your new and improved artist brand is what do you want to stand for as an artist? Choosing your values that you want to stand for are the core of any artist.

So step one is find what you want to be as an artist. These will be 3 to 5 words that represent you. They will be personal and think about things that aren't already on the market. The best way to do this is list out some words that you want people to see in you. List them in priority and then pick the top 3 to 5.

The next thing is really looking at your market and understanding who already has those values or had one of those values, and what kind of content are they making? You will want to model this on high quality content. Asthetic does matter in the world of music, so make each image on Instagram really shout. As an artist you will also want to choose some colours and branding that matches across the board. This means your bio line on Instagram should match your Spotify and the rest of your social channels.

The actual content that you end up producing should have the power to stop people from scrolling through social media and take a look. Finding a way to combat the 'scrolling' society we have has a big benefit. Give yourself the time to get used to what makes you stop scrolling and in turn it will reflect in your fans too.

Your values link into your content too. For example if one of your values is bright colours then every video, image and artwork image should include this. How can you visually represent your values through images? Try and have a think about your unique values and then start synchronising this with a good aesthetic that can help you develop your brand as a musician. This is your starting point. If you want more help on your brand and want to have a personalised brand built why not get a HyperTribe coach by becoming a member here.

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