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Don't think music grants are for you? Think again.

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

As we start to post more and more on the HyperTribe platform about grants funding, I am getting more questions about people thinking if they can actually apply. One of the main comments and thoughts I often get confronted with is "oh I didn't think I could apply because I feel like I am not in need". Well let me stop you right there and explain how grants work.

What is a grant?

To put it simply, a grant is free money. Organisations give away funds to back creative arts, research and more, to boost the economy and allows good talent to flourish without financial restrictions. It is much much better than a loan or any other funding for musicians as you do not have to pay it back. You do have to meet some criteria but once you spend the money you do not have to pay it back.

Organisations have to give away the money

Let's take the collections society PRS (the American equivalent to ASCAP & SESAC etc.) PRS Keychange programme has previously secured funding from the likes of the EU Commission's Creative Europe programme. In doing so PRS signs up to specific conditions, rules and regulations. This includes a certain budget that has to be given away to creatives with an end goal of being able to have an 'impact objective'. This means to do social good such as promote more musicians on the UK scene. For this particular programme this was to change the diversity statistics in the music industry (e.g. promote women in music and minority groups). PRS is therefore accountable to a higher bidder and they have to give that money away to reach those goals. On top of all of that they are looking to change the industry for good not just for a few years. This means working with the best talent, most creative and best people that will give their objectives the best chance of survival.

People in Need

Yes, there are funds for those in need. However, organisations like PRS or the Arts Council are still looking for influential or going to be influential artists that will carry their mission in their projects. So if you think you have momentum in your projects and know that you are needing to find money to support your project then start applying today.

Need support & guidance?

For a limited time we are offering grant assistance to all those on the HyperTriber membership tier. We can do 1-to-1's with you and also correct your applications with unlimited drafts. Got more questions? - Join our event on Monday 22nd under "upcoming events" to hear the best tips.

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