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How Technology Is Impacting The Music Industry And Music Experiences

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

The 21st century is the very symbol of technological evolution. Technology has made its way gradually into different spheres of our lives, be it academia, our daily lives or even the music choices we make. Being the driving forces, music creators and music fans are creating a paradigm shift in the manner in which music is consumed, as music has outgrown its conventional framework.

In the modern age, the method in which music is composed, heard, transmitted, and performed has experienced a tectonic shift. With the advent of technological advancements, music is recorded digitally, altered using audio engineers and is transmitted through streaming apps. Entering a wholly new era and the world of music discovery, technology has empowered recording studios and gig artists to learn from the expectations, preferences and habits of their consumers, leveraging the use of optimised streaming platforms.

Personalised & Curated Experience for Consumer

Consumers take centre stage in the digital music experience, as there remain no barriers to impair their experience. Cutting across all demographics, socio-economic groups and cultures, personally curated playlists are a defining characteristic of a personalised experience, as most listeners prefer listening to a rich and electric mix of different music genres. Technology empowers not just users, but also creators to exhibit the entire velocity of their creative genius. They now have the ability to project their thought processes through a direct platform, propelling them to mass consciousness for a rather eccentric or lesser-known song.

Shaping the Music Industry Norms with Technology

Music ignites a live wire within listeners, leaving them spellbound through an immersive experience. Due to this effect, bold, creative and imaginative ideas have found a place within the music industry. Streams such as digital distribution, comprising streaming songs on the best music apps for iPhone or on the best music apps for Android have become a rather easy pathway for reaching consumers.

With digital music retail, indie artists, in particular, have gained a leeway, as technology permits them to bypass labels, communicate with their niche fans directly and project the essence of their music aesthetic through social media platform. Also, harnessing strategic measures, music artists can master their track digitally, can sell their music and can exemplify their presence within the music ecosystem – all without the use of music representatives or music publishing companies.

The ability to share their song, their playlists, and their albums or discover music through their social media platforms, ties music creators and music consumers in a unique and engaging bond.

Live Music Experience – A Music Concert

Technology has injected confidence and has enabled production services for live music to take ambitious leaps of faith. Creating a virtual reality (VR) experience, harnessing the use of geo-filers for live events, sporting wearable technology or using technologically-advanced music instruments have become a norm within the music industry.

Embracing new approaches, adapting to changing consumption habits and consistently uplifting and evolving music experiences is integral for generating revenue streams, as otherwise, music creators can fall victims to fast-evolving consumer behaviour. Similarly, by collaborating with retail brands and by capitalising upon their music micro-influencer influencing prowess, music artists can secure high-profile brand deals. This can involve the creation of an app for a particular tour or integration of VR headsets within their concerts, to transport a live concert experience to the comfort of a consumer’s home.

Technology as a Tool

With a rich and varied mix of music companies and music creators vying for the attention of the consumer, technology has empowered creators to push forward their thoughts, their inventions and their unique perspective on different music genres. Technology dissolute any boundaries, leading to complete liberty.

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