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How to create multiple pieces of content from one location shoot

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

I want to talk all about creating content from one pillar piece of content. And what I mean by that is. That if you're on location or you're on a video shoot, or it could be a special occasion, how to extract as much content as possible from that, so that you have weeks or maybe months worth of content.

Now, a good example of this, and the reason why I wanted to talk about this in particular was actually because of the video posted up by will Smith on the 28th of September. It's titled I put the fresh Prince mentioned on air. BNB now the whole point of this. Five minute long video is that you show some sort of promotional tactic to put the fresh Prince of Bel air mansion on Airbnb, but also throughout this, what we see as different types of promotional content being made.

So that can be anything from a phone to a tech talk video to whatever else it could be. And I just want to run through a couple of these that you can do as artists. So for a start, it's always best to find your pillar content, whether that's your next music video. What you can do is also take photos on that shoot as well as videos, but don't forget the more nuanced things such as slow Mo videos that might be useful.

TechTalk videos, interviews with some of the crew. What about animated videos as well? Gifts and captioned content often works really well on Instagram and it also can work well on Facebook. One of the bigger pieces of content might be a handheld guided tour around the set and perhaps introducing some of the crew that are working on it.

Backstage footage is something that artists are doing more regularly. And also this can also be premium content for some of your fans, but also varying your types of shots. So you could have a fish eye shot for some of the images that are coming out. It always makes for good teaser content, perhaps a wide shot as well of everybody working on a set or perhaps a particular frame.

And if you're able to then perhaps a drone shot as well, the more high end of this is obviously things like augmented reality. And I think that there are a lot of tools out there that are starting to become more and more prominent so that people and the every day can be able to shoot augmented reality.

So perhaps you could use these as bits of creating your own world as an artist on the set of some of the activities that you're doing. It's a way to make this promotional content more entertaining and perhaps appeal to different audiences. I like to think of it in context of. If you put a single out, you'd obviously have remixes and those remixes might be in different genres of music.

It's the same thing with content. You might have one piece of big content or one music video, but you also have the lyric video for your particular fans that want to obviously follow a lot of the lyric or take a look at the lyrical content, or perhaps you need a more animated version for a younger audience.

It's really important to do these things, but also more than that, if you can plan out your day and plan out your shoot really well, you'll be able to actually create months and months worth of content.

It can also be a cheaper way of producing content quite quickly. So it's always beneficial to plan things out in advance. And if you're doing something quite big, then how many people do you need around you to get that additional content and be able to expand on that? on what we call pillar content.

Make an event of everything that is a big momentous occasion within your career, make sure that you get as much content as possible, whether it be static or motion, video, and make sure that you'll be able to diversify that as well, putting out different types of content as well will mean that you'll be able to stretch your campaign for longer.

So that's it for this week's episode of plugged into relate to keep these ones a bit short and sweet at the moment. But if you'd like to hear from anyone in particular, we're currently recording series three for you. We've got some exciting new guests coming up, and if you ever want any help with your career as a musician, don't be afraid to head over to

We're all about helping artists entrepreneurs. And during this time of COVID and being able to cope with the pandemic as artists and music industry, we know how important it is that you get the right tools and assistance and support that you need. We've also got our membership as well. So don't be afraid to ask us a few questions.

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