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How to Find Free & Paid Non-copyright Music

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Do you have a project coming up that needs music? Even if your entire business depends on "creating" new music, there are times when you'd need to find non-copyright music for certain parts of your business.

If you are using music tracks to add to your marketing videos, you really wouldn't want to waste time creating extra music tracks just for those. Or if you wanted readily available music for some other projects, you'd need to get started quickly.

That's when copyright-free music or non-copyrighted music comes into its own.

If so, are you worried about copyright issues and the consequences of using copyrighted music? There are certain places on the web that you can get non-copyright music, audio tracks, ad jingles, sound bytes, and more.

Some sources are free. Some are paid.

There are many ways to find non-copyright Music for your business.

In this article, we'll take a look at sources for non-copyright music that you can use.

The Netlabels Archive

It's been said that over one million new songs are released every year. So if you're looking for free non-copyright music, it can be hard to stay on top of the latest releases and happenings in your niche.

This is where Netlabels Archives comes kicking in with stupendous value.

With more than 14 million+ audio tracks (and counting), The Netlabels archives makes free music available to you under the Creative Commons license.

Find music tracks across the range -- full albums, music tracks, and more (categorized into several genres).

Envato Market

The Envato market has been around for quite a while selling several digital elements -- from web templates to WordPress plugins; from graphic assets to stock video footage.

As you might have guessed, Envato also has a growing collection of audio tracks, music, and sound bytes available for instant, copyright-free usage.

Audio tracks are available in genres such as Africans, Celtic, Blues, Hip hop, Indie, Jazz, Classical, and so many more.

Envato has a subscription option or you could purchase individual tracks that you like for a one-time fee. On the marketplace, each month, you also get to download a free music track (just like that).

Note: You can also sell your own music on Envato


Incompetech is a great place to find non-copyright music.

Started by Musician Kevin Macleod, the site offers royalty-free songs, sound effects, and other sounds that you can use for your business with no worries about copyright infringement (as long as you mention credits, which is a decent thing to do).

On Incompetech, there are several genres and types of music tracks that you could use such as disco, hard electronic, rock, and more.

You also have music sorted into categories such as film scoring moods, light faire, and even world music (go global, anyone?)


If you find yourself looking for copyright-free music all too often, StoryBlocks is where you be at.

The site offers free and paid options for music. The paid options are much better in terms of audio quality (and you can preview them on their website first before purchasing).

StoryBlocks is a great place to find royalty-free and copyright-free music including sound effects, music tracks across genres, and even collections.


Looking for another fantastic free non-copyright music source?

Audionautix is a great source for royalty-free music. They offer many different genres of songs and also provide the ability to edit the song by changing tempo or adding in sound effects. I like that they have all types of styles so it's easy to find what you're looking for.

The process of finding your background track is quick and easy. Pick a genre you want to work on, choose a mood—“bright,” “dark,” or “suspenseful", and you off to go once you finally choose a tempo.

Or you could just browse and dig your head into the countless expanse of music, available for free, thanks to Jason Shaw (a producer/creator) who provides music under Creative Commons.

Remember, it's always best to start off with a keyword when you're searching for music. Your search results will be much more targeted and precise that way.

If you are using royalty-free music from free music sources, it's a good practice to give credit to music artists who made this music available for you to use (whether they explicitly ask you or not).

By following these simple steps on how to find non-copyright Music, you'll have no trouble finding the perfect music tracks for your projects.

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