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How to Get Started Self-Producing Music

Here are some quick tips on how to get started when you want to learn how to self-produce. A few benefits to this are that it will save you time and money, and you can also execute the song the way you want to.

1) Find your software

You're going to want to have one place to record all your music and so looking at the right software where you can do this is going to be essential. We would suggest something like Abelton that you can get to grips with easily other suggestions could include Logic Pro. Whatever is your software of choice go ahead and start diving in. If you get stuck start googling or YouTubing or if you are someone from our membership ask in the community to get the best out of it.

2) Learn your craft & then practise

Trial and error is always going to be the way forward. Learning a little bit about what it takes to be a producer from online tutorials and more can be really handy. Find an instructor that you can keep up with and begin the experimentation. At first music production can be hard and complicated but really once you get into it those processes will get easier. You might be surprised about what you really can do with the software and how you can make sure that you create the sound you really want rather than outsourcing to someone else.

Here are a few YouTubers we'd recommend:

3) Just start

There is nothing worse in thinking you aren't ready to just start. Well, everyone starts somewhere and just remember once you learn production you can't unlearn it! The best thing to do is just to try and learn little by little just like a language or a new instrument. Just start with the basics and soon you'll be curious to learn more.

4) Try and re-engineer a song and see how far you get

Why not experiment on some of the songs you are a fan of? Just in the same way you can play a cover of a song why not produce a song you love? Obviously there would be copyright issues if you published it but doing a simple production cover may not get you to the final version but it is about building the skillset.

5) Train your ear

Gigs and other peoples music aren't just for pleasure but when you are in music they are for understanding the composition and developing your own ear. If you want to know what really makes a good song why not deconstruct some of the production and really start to listen to what good music really sounds like. Train your ear to be selective and think 'if I was producing what would I take forward and what would I leave?'

Bonus tip: Record your process and stick it up on social media to increase your following and get that music community behind you.

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