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How to Grow a Music Career Without Social Media

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Collectively, Social Media is powerful. It's turning out to be an indispensable asset for music artists worldwide.

Social media has the ability to create and destroy careers, make or break brands, and it even can be used as an effective marketing strategy.

But for many people in the music industry, social media may not be worth their time; especially if they are trying to grow a career without social media.

Here's the thing with trying to succeed with Social media: you'd have to "grow" an audience to make your social networks worthwhile for your music career.

Growing fans, nurturing them, and growing an audience isn't easy. It's hard, it takes your personal attention, and it requires ongoing nurturing.

Growing your music career on social media will mean spending time (Indefinitely) on each of these platforms, posting or sharing content regularly, interacting with fans as they interact with you, and more.

When it comes to social media, you have a career on top of a music career. Understandably then, it might not be everyone's cup of tea.

In this post, we will discuss how you can still have a successful music career without having to invest your time into social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Note: When we say social media, we include all major social platforms (old and new). Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok -- we mean it all.

Wondering how to grow your career as a musician without the need for social media at all? Read on.

Embrace Music Distribution

But If you choose not to take that route, you can choose to take another direction: Aim for getting the outreach for your music directly with existing audiences that you wanted to grow.

With the emergence of ever-changing technology, there are many ways to promote your music career without social media.

For instance, here are a few website platforms that help with Music distribution.

Digital music distribution is crucial for sharing your music with fans. By partnering with a music distributor, you can upload your work and have it delivered to all of the major platforms in a matter of days.

Wondering which websites help with music distribution and help you grow a music career without social media? Here are a few:


TuneCore allows you to sell and distribute your music independently from record labels or other third-party organizations.

You can also get your music distributed through Spotify, Apple Music, Tencent, TikTok, YouTube Music, and more.

TuneCore allows you to sell and distribute your music independently from record labels or other third-party organisations, giving you the opportunity to connect with fans worldwide on a global scale without ever having to use social media.

As with most other music distribution services, for a fee, TuneCore also offers exclusive music artist licensing, monetisation, Music PR, and music distribution services.


Songtradr allows you to monetise your music and allow you to reach fans (without social media or anything else, except your music). Take advantage of their licensing, monetising, and outreach facilities.

Depending on the plan, Songtradr takes 0% to 10% for services in the form of distribution loyalties.

In return, they provide you with unlimited distribution, a central place to track and manage your music, stay on top of revenues for your music, and more.

SongTradr also provides extensive music artist services (licensing, monetising, and more).

Music Gateway

Music Gateway has a huge range of services for Music artists who want to jump right into a sphere of influence (without social media and having to grow your fans yourself).

On Music Gateway, you can create a music profile for free, upload your content and promote it. Music Gateway will find the best channels to get you heard by other musicians who might want to work with you or feature your new track.

Profiles are ranked on their popularity (and yours), so when people search they'll be able to find your profile even if it's new.

But there's more with Music Gateway: You can earn 100% of your licensing and monetising revenues along with several other services such as label management, digital music distribution, sync management, free press, free blogging, free mastering (yes, they do that too), and also exclusive sync listening (and sync representation) as well.

Which of these music licensing, music PR, and music monetization platforms will you go for?

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