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How to Start a Music Career Without Money

Updated: May 13

Do you want to know how to start a music career without money? Have you always dreamed of starting a music career, but don't have the money to do so? Are you a music artist looking to bootstrap your way into fandom, glory, and musical success?

There are many ways that you can start your music career without having any money at all. The type of music that you want to play will determine how successful your efforts are going to be and what kind of equipment or instruments that you'll need.

Besides that, like most other creative professions allow (thankfully), you have ways on how to start a music career without money.

All you need is this:

  • Burning ambition and a desire to succeed.

  • Creative flair, skills, and an obvious tendency to learn quickly

  • Hustle (the willingness to go out there and put yourself to work)

Let's see how to start (and grow) your music career without money (and just good old hustle):

Demo. Showcase. Demo more

If you want to record a demo of your music in the hopes that someone will hear it and offer you a contract, then all you need is time and the chops (your skills).

Gather some friends or family members with any instruments they might have around their house (or can borrow) and start recording! It doesn't matter if it's not professional quality because it is literally just a demo.

If you want to showcase your music, then all you need is time and money for equipment (this could include anything from renting an instrument at the store to borrowing one from someone).

Recording demos help people get noticed by producers or other musicians that may have connections in the industry who are looking for new talent. You'll need to be able to afford the equipment on your own, but you can usually find a way around renting if all you're looking for is demos.

Go Carpet Bombing on Social Media

Social media is the best thing that ever happened for music artists. Social media collectively gives music artists an array of platforms where you can grow your own audiences, engage with those audiences, and let them spread the word about you (by sharing and by mentioning your music).

Most social platforms are built for sharing, for reach, and for the "connections". They are all built for you to grow your own community.

You can post your content on social media, build your network organically, use videos to provide proof of your music, launch audio clips that your network can't get enough of, and even do live streams (which could include your own music shows, jamming sessions, or live Q & A sessions with your fans).

So, be sure to create music, distribute your music, and build your own fanbase.

Just in case, there are ways to grow your music career without social media too.

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Tap into existing platforms (with a built-in fan base)

On top of the above, you can also do several things to expand your reach and distribute your music in several ways (for free, and for as long as it takes for you to pay for even more reach and access to some special services such as Music PR and more).

Here's how you can do it:

  • Sell your music, audio clips, and more on third-party platforms such as Envato, TuneCore, DittoMusic, Reverbnation, and more.

  • Distribute your music on big dogs of music distribution such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon MPX, and more to help build your fan base, to help getting recognised, and more

  • Launch a podcast and share your music, by building your own audiences and managing podcasts on your own (earn money by looking for sponsors, using affiliate marketing by promoting related products, and more)

  • Sell music videos on Demand (by using applications such as Vimeo OTT,, Wix, and others)

  • Self release a CD or album

Remember that to succeed as a creative music artist without money, all that you need is an "audience" -- a set of collective, true fans who love what you do (and those who love you as well).

In the age of the Internet, audience = money (and there are so many different ways to monetize your audiences).

Not everyone starts off with a trust fund or with loads of cash. Several music artists started with no money, and so can you.

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