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HyperTribe Events: Well-being Session this Wednesday at 6:30pm GMT - 7th July

As a HyperTriber we know that your well-being comes first and not as a extra added thing. You have to look after yourself and our monthly check-ins do just that. ⁠

A mental check-in is an essential part of the journey of an artist which is why we have teamed up with @madmillennials founder @charmusicuk every month to bring you a well-being session as a HyperTriber. ⁠

In these well-being sessions, yeah we talk about the hard stuff! We discuss everything from what is REALLY bothering you all the way through to challenges you are facing. The best part about these sessions is that is gives you a true mental refresh and a new perspective ⁠

@charmusicuk is an artist as well as the Founder of @madmillennials so she knows the struggles as a creative. ⁠

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