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How musicians can run a marketing review

The world of social media and marketing constantly evolves. Thus, it's not always easy for us to predict what will happen next, even more so after a global pandemic.

Social media platforms constantly change, algorithms shift periodically. Trends and industries pivot now faster than ever before. Every month, you should be carving out some time to re-assess your efforts and where your time is going.

Set your goals

What are you trying to achieve with social media and marketing? If you were to rank your priorities, how would they look like?

  1. Engage with your fanbase

  2. Grow your audience

  3. Monetise your fanbase

As a musician, you have different goals at any given time, but prioritising will help you review your social media and marketing.

Analysing the data to refine metrics

Look at the data: you want to take a close look at your targets. And what you have been tracking and measuring, and see if they are helping you get closer to the goals you're trying to reach.

Find the marketing areas that are key for your growth that you want to oversee and track. We ask ourselves specific questions, no matter what.

  • Outline the marketing channels you use to connect with your fanbase

  • Choose two to three metrics that you think can be relevant for each channel

  • Track growth and numbers related to each metric

Be open to changing your metrics when you need to adapt to what will bring you the best results. After that, we make sure that we look at the different areas and find one course of action that we can take.

Time to take action

There could be countless reasons you are not reaching your goal. However, I want to give you the ones that most often I see musicians struggling with:

  • Not dedicating enough time to a channel

  • The messaging is outdated or no longer relevant for your fans

  • Your content is inconsistent and unclear in its value

If your marketing messaging and identity have changed, your social media will not perform as well. If you're not talking to the right audience anymore, or your audiences changed or shifted, people will just not be engaging with you.

Looking at everything you have written down, what is one thing you can do to improve your marketing in the next 30 days?

Focus on one change and set out a new goal for yourself. Go back to your community to find the accountability to take action on your wild ideas.

Need help with accountability? The Hypertribe community is here to help.

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