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Marketing Your Music - 3 Tips on Where to Start

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Music marketing has changed over the last year (see our previous blog post here). It has become more accessible for new artists to pop up overnight and get the recognition for their work with the likes of Tiktok and other social platforms directly influencing the charts. More choice doesn't always equal the right results and I often hear artists saying "oh not another platform". Over the next few weeks we will be giving you some key tips and advice about what we have learnt from music marketing from industry, mentors and members.

1) Be Ready With A Strong Creative

Sitting with a music manager before the weekend, it became very apparent that a lot of young artists don't get their music heard because they don't invest well into their creative. We mean your music videos, artwork and anything around the artist brand. Those that do have the competitive advantage. We are so visual as a society and having that strong brand coupled with a high rate music video, well produced track and killer artwork can really separate you out from a lot of others in your niche of the market. A lot of artists skip this so they can get their music out and instead I would recommend just taking your time and investing in your visual before releasing. Having an iconic brand that can resonate with your audience really does go far and one 3 minute video could be the difference between you and the next person. I recommend all artists find a videographer and photographer at a high quality and make sure they invest in their creative assets like videos and photos. It is a must if you want to operate at a high level.

2) Have a Plan that You Stick to

Gone are the days when you can 'just put your music out there'. For any artist that has recently done this you might have been left feeling, 'hey that didn't go as planned' or 'I was expecting more'. Invest in the time to learn how to really release your music properly with a timeline, deadline and right way of doing so. If you don't know how to do this you need to become a HyperTriber right now, as you are missing a key piece of information that is holding you back! Be really honest with yourself when delivering on deadlines and if you are holding back a release because of lack of effort that is not a good look and won't cut it if you really want to make a success out of your career. I recommend all artists start with a plan over a few months for any release and get your calendar out and book in the time to reach those goals religiously.

3) Create momentum during your release

This closely relates to the plan we just spoke about but instead of just looking at your plan as a guideline and timeline for a release be looking at it and say 'how can I build hype and momentum with this plan?' Once you have momentum it is important to be able to continue that and not let it drop as it can be difficult for an artist to regain this. Examples of creating hype or momentum could be that you get some airplay before the single or EP is released and then it is release and after a long list of reviews or playlist placements. I recommend seeking support before even releasing the single to know that you will be able to sustain momentum of the release.

If you have found these tips helpful why not let us tailor them to you? Book in a FREE 15 minute personalised review with us here.

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