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Music Marketing Reminders for 2022

We wanted to just make sure we can reset your mind to refocus on the important things as an artist for 2022. When it comes to marketing your music, there are new tools and gadgets that can help but here's a reminder of the ones that stay consistent that you might have forgotten.

Email or text list is best

Don't underestimate the power of an email list. Getting into people's emails is the number one thing to do as an artist. It means you are truly empowered and not building on borrowed land (e.g. social media sites). It is one of the most direct forms of communication and can be a powerful way to ensure revenue and attendance at your shows. Start building this in 2022 with a really strong focus.

Tiktok is still the easiest to grow a following on

Racking up 100's or 1000's of followers on TikTok might be a bit of a ballache when it comes to content but TikTok still does work. For what it will take you to get through Instagram discovery, TikTok still has the power to do almost 10x for you. Yes, it has slowed a little but is it still the best for discovery.

Hashtags are not dead

Something that we speak to our members about is hashtags for reaching audiences you might not usually meet. Yes, they can be a little cheesy but they work! Don't miss a good hashtag opportunity to reach a new group of people that might not know who you are. You might find your avid followers with that new group! So keep using them where you can.

Traditional methods still work

Don't forget the basics. No, I am not talking about spamming everyone's DM's. I'm talking about things like Facebook marketing, the RIGHT way. If you don't know how to run ad's with Facebook in the correct way, then I would hold off until you do, otherwise, you might end up getting yourself blocked by the algorithm. Facebook ad still really works and if you can get an expert as we do at HyperGROW then they can make sure that your spend and campaigns are minimal. Don't throw traditional methods away, they are still worth it.

Followers are better than streams

Followers are better than streams, full stop! Stop getting on the vanity metric hype and pushing streams, start with a real avid following that is going to help you shape, support and grow your career in music. This year we challenge you to grow your Spotify following rather than a one-hit-wonder stream. If you want help with this join our programme for 1st Feb on HyperGROW where we grow your followers for you.

Content is king

Consistent posting is great and can really help to get your profile off to a really good start but what about keeping that consistent throughout the year. Finding a way to produce high quality, consistent content through the year is key. We have seen this happen many times for an artist over at HyperTribe and just by taking stock of engagement, keeping the motivation to post and analysing which content works for you. It is a personal journey and each artist has to muster up the will to go on this path of discovery for long term benefits.

Marketing gets easier with a good song

You can do all the marketing activities you like in the world but if the song is not good quality then pushing a poor song is not going to help anything. Most people have an idea that their song is great until they start running it by trust ears. Make sure the people you are getting feedback from are keen on the song too before putting money behind a track. A lot of artists can go tone-deaf if the song 'really means something to them'. Don't bother wasting your budget and wait until the track is fully produced, mixed and mastered before the budget comes into consideration.

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