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Music Producing: 3 Web-based Tools For You To Explore

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Did you know that bedroom pop music (or any kind of music really) is a thing?

You’ll be surprised to know just how far some musicians have come starting from producing music in their bedrooms, or the garage, or even the shower.

Can rando music, samples, and experiments lead to topping the charts? Of course, yes.

There’s a list of DIY stars who conquered the charts and that list includes names such as Bruce Springsteen, The Streets, Calvin Harris, Ramz, and several others.

Guess how most of them even get their start, try out sounds, experiment, and produce music initially? That’s with free, web-based tools for music.

Here are at least 3 web-based tools for producing music that you should take note of:


Soundation: Soundation helps you produce music online, right inside your browser. No extra tools needed and as easy as firing up your Internet browser.

With more than 150,000 music producers featuring more than 10,000 songs each month, Soundation provides you with loops, kits & samples (such as a Hip-hop kit, EDM kit, and Electronica kit); allows you to shape your music with effects (including Tremolo, Distortion, Fakie, Phaser, and Delay); and easy-to-use samplers and synthesizers (like VA Synth, GM-2, Super Saw, Wub Machine, and FM Synth.

With Soundation, you also get access to DAW tools (trim, loop, cut, paste, and more). The paid features include a premium sound library, more tools for you to access, sound sets, and Parametric EQ (a professional 8-band equalizer to allow you to sculpt your music like a Pro).

Much like multi-player gaming, you can also collaborate with other musicians, friends, and a team and create music together (100% synced in real-time).


Interested in experimenting with beatboxing? Have you been looking for music production tools such as a web-based beatbox, a sample music library, or an Internet Synthesizer? WebSynths specifically provides two tools, hosted on the web: WebSynths Groove and WebSynths Microtonal to help you learn, practice and segway into the world of Beatboxing in the UK (and go global from there).

WebSynths Groove helps you to ride the global phenomenon that Beatboxing is today. Enjoyed by millions of people globally, the world of Beatboxing is booming. Boasting of a humongous and passionate community of beatboxers and global competitions such as the Beatbox Battle Championships (held every three years), the Annual Grand Beatbox.

Beatbox competitions in UK include the likes of UK Beatbox Championships.


WebSID is a keyboard-driven, web-based synthesizer that helps you

Famous music artists such as Trent Reznor, Daft Punk, Timbaland, and many others have all used WebSID at one time or another.

Why not? It’s powerful, it sits as a Google Chrome extension on your Chrome browser (talk about being accessible), and it’s free.

SID was the audio module of the number one 1980's home computer: the Commodore 64. WebSID tries to make it possible for you to use the synthesizer with the help of your keyboard.

According to the developers of WebSID,

“The upper keyboard keeps the limits of the original SID in mind (try hitting three simultaneous notes for getting that trademark 80s video game sound), while the lower keyboard provides modern polyphony. For further sonic manipulation the sound can be routed through resonant filters and echo leading to either a subtle enhancement of the overall tonal quality or a descent into complete mayhem, leaving the original chip music / chiptune-feel far behind and trading it in for a vile (but controllable!) dirge!”

While there’s a lot of work to be done to bring it up to professional use, WebSID makes use of the ever-ubiquitous keyboard and the Internet to make it possible for you to manipulate sound, produce music, play with your tones, and bring out the musician in you.

Of course, there are hundreds of resources for you available (some paid, some free) if you’d like to produce music online.

Starting from the humble Garageband on a Mac, the bewildering world of web audio API and oscillators, and at least 100s of free resources for Musicians, there’s no dearth of tools for you to use and craft your music.

The only thing left for you to do is this: music producing should be an everyday thing.


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