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Musicians: How to start planning for 2022

As we lead into the last month of 2021, why not take the time to rest, reset and refocus your goals with your music and beyond? We are encouraging all our members to book in the time with us and plan for 2022 throughout December.

These are a few things we would encourage you to really ask yourself to get to your vision of what to achieve in 2022.

What is your version of success?

This is a really important question for anyone who is looking to 'make it', because 'making it' is different for everyone. I have been working with musicians for over 10 years and one of the most common things I have seen is that success comes in different forms for every person. Write these out and really start to dig down into what you want to happen in the new year.

Be Specific

Creating goals of what you want to achieve needs numbers and specifics. For example; "I want to go on tour" - think about where, how many people, when will it happen? These are essential questions that start to form your vision of what you will achieve in 2022.

Sketch a general plan

We all know that plans change, but we need to know a vague pathway to your goals. Start planning your months with generalised themes; e.g. March - Touring, April - EP release.

This way you can start to understand where you are heading. Once you have clarity on this, it can really keep motivation at an all-time high throughout the year.

Find somewhere or somehow to be accountable

One of the biggest things we do for our members is to keep them accountable on a monthly, or weekly basis. You need someone or something that lets you know if you have missed or reached your goals. Have a metric that will tell you if you have been successful or failed and also a support system to keep you moving forward. If you're not a HyperTriber, then perhaps a friend or family member can help you with this? It can make the world of difference just having someone near you to do this.

Start today with planning your 2022 and use December to really rest and reset before the new year. If you need help with your planning book in a session with us at HyperTribe here.

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