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Musicians, Stop Wasting Time & Money

Over the last year and a half, one of the biggest benefits of running HyperTribe is that our team sees everything that does and doesn't work from genre to genre. We get to test tools, techniques and more, which we share with our members on their journeys through their launches. I have found that this knowledge alone has caused a huge spike in cutting time and also allocating funds. A lot of artists do get ripped off, but they also can be under budget in places in their campaigns that can cause a lot of issues in getting the reach that they need.

Recently I have found myself digging into various different companies and 'services' that say they grow your Instagram and Spotify. I am telling you right now, the majority of those that DM you with the promise of thousands of followers are lying to you. Do not waste your time. Fortunately, we have figured out the solution to growth for our members, but more on that in the new year.

For now, I wanted to just set in stone a little piece of advice that I hope can really help to start cutting your costs and time spent promoting your music. They are two very simple things that a lot of musicians I find overlook on a regular basis.

The first is to get the music great, not good, great. If you can work with a producer that is a little bit above your league, rather than the go-to producer you use, then do it. Yes, it might cost you a little more upfront investment but you will be making that money back when you go to promotion. A good song with a little push will carry itself, most of the time. I have to admit there are a few great songs that slip through the net but I can tell you now, pushing a well mixed, mastered and well-written song is much easier than one that isn't.

The second thing I would highly recommend to any musician out there that is looking to save time and money is to get your brand right. A lot of artists think they know their brand and understand themselves until they work with us. I can tell you right now, HyperTribe provides some deep-dive sessions that can cause a few tears of discovering yourself (yes this has happened before). As with a good song, a great positioning in the market can also help with where to place an artist and give them the best tools to do so. We have found that someone who knows their uniqueness and their market positioning can spend a lot less time and money on promotion. It is about doing the upfront research and putting the investment into your brand and then the execution is a lot easier.

I hope that these two takeaways from our learnings help some musicians who keep spending and wasting time elsewhere to focus. Just remember if you don't have the fundamentals the rest of the journey is uphill.

If you have any questions why not ask us on Instagram? We are @hyper_tribe.

If you need help with your brand and where to go next in your music why not book in a session with us at HyperTribe here.

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