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Social Media For Music: Facebook & Twitter

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

The U.K is a mobile-first, social media obsessed nation. According to TalkWalker, more than 66% of people in the U.K use social media (with varying demographics). An average user in the U.K spends around 1 hour 50 minutes on social media and has around 7 social media accounts. 77% of users in the United Kingdom have actively engaged with or contributed to social media on a monthly basis.

TalkWalker Quick search reveals that the most engaged social media audiences are between 18 to 54 years. If the target group for your music is anyone in that age band, you now know just how big a role social media should be playing in your promotion and development strategy.

Interested? Here are some of the platforms and super strategies to make each platform work.


More than 78% of all U.K social media users are on Facebook with up to 40 million active users. Globally, there are over 2.45 billion people on the social platform.

Facebook for Music is unavoidable, big, and impactful. Your presence on Facebook brings in direct returns for the time and effort invested.

Strategies to follow:

  • Create a Fan Page/business page for your music business on Facebook. Keep the page active by sharing content regularly.

  • Create context, weave stories, and let your fans know more about you by posting both short-form and long-form stories (in all formats). Content also includes samples of your music, recorded Q & A sessions, pre-recorded live streams, behind the scenes footage and more.

  • Use Facebook Live to your advantage. Play live music. Show how you craft your music behind-the-scenes. Invite a fellow musician and launch an impromptu jam session. You get the idea.

  • Work up the support of your fans on Facebook for causes you care about. Use features such as Facebook Donate to raise funds, support causes, and show your passionate side.


Twitter and music have always walked hand-in-hand. More than 330 million people on Twitter use the platform to stay abreast of instant, real-time news. More importantly, anything with a hashtag is discussed, shared, commented, and talked about endlessly.

For music, Twitter can almost be godsent. Every brand (big or small) is on Twitter and that includes @AppleMusic, @thescript, and @Shazam.

Strategies to Follow:

  • Share content regularly in the form of Tweets (include media such as music files, interviews, podcast clips, video clips, images, and more)

  • Use specific hashtags that are both general along with some hashtags that you can use to grow your own brand on Twitter.

  • Directly share your music samples on Twitter (with relevant hashtags).

  • Use Twitter Live (Powered by Periscope) and change the way your fans can interact and engage with you. Here a a few tips from Twitter on how to use Twitter Live.

  • Take advantage of Fleets while it’s still underutilised.

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