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Stop spamming peoples DM's - Here are the alternatives.

Listen up people, there are right and wrong ways of getting into the music industry and one of the worst things I see is spamming peoples DM's. If you find yourself doing this STOP asap! You are damaging your brand in the long run.

No one likes a spammer and it will do your music more harm than good. You will immediately put a bad taste in a persons mouth and they will not be a fan of yours. This rule doesn't just apply to DM's but also Whatsapp or email etc. It really is not a good look for your brand to keep repeatedly messaging people to get their attention. If you've dropped them a note leave it and relax.

3 Things to Try Instead

  • Build a real Brand - Build out your brand and gain fans and support through a 'pull' factor. Instead of pushing your music on everyone, perhaps the song isn't good enough and you need some quality control. If you are posting good interesting content that is unique to your brand then most-likely you will see a massive uptake on your fanbase as well as industry support. Yes, this takes time it will never be instant. So be patient and do the hard work for the long term career.

  • Spark interest by being unique - one of the biggest things we are keen on here at HyperTribe is finding your uniqueness and really leaning into that. That's because we know that those who possess unique qualities are more likely to provide a home and refuge to those fans that haven't been able to get that from other artists. The music industry is no different it loves those that stand out, can fill a gap in the market that wasn't there and most of all can resonate with others.

  • Network laterally - This is one the biggest mistakes I see artists making. They always want to meet the Jay-Z's or Beyonces of this world (vertically) and their producers but really networking with people who are on your level and a little closer to home can be just a beneficial. Don't forget those people will soon be in those positions and as one of them takes off you want to be in those circles when they do.

If you're having any issues with branding and getting to where you want to be why not subscribe below or book in an assessment with our team here?


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