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Stop Working Hard and Start Working Smart in Music

Musicians! Stop burning yourself out. You need time to be creative and really have some downtime, so why are you working so hard? Now let's not get confused, the music industry takes someone who is resilient and can do the grind but what I mean is stop making life so hard for yourselves.

When members join us they are always so surprised how much weight we can take off their shoulders. From making your social media automated so you can have your weekends through to giving permission to just relax, that is what we do here at HyperTribe.

Here are a few tips to help you to start really working smarter today:

1) Automate social media immediately. As an artist you really don't need to be on socials 24/7 but you can look like you are. Your socials should be using scheduling tools so that you are automatically building a fan base in the background of your day to day. Use one day a week to set all this up and try any of the free tools we suggest inside the community.

2) Check your email once a day. Yes you heard me, stop being addicted to your inbox and look at your emails once a day. There is nothing that can't wait a few hours. Instead of replying to things during the day carve out 30 minutes to respond to email per day and stick to it.

3) Wake up an hour early and eat your frog. You might have heard of this one but the concept is that if you were to eat a frog everyday that would be the hardest part of your day. So why not eat the frog first thing in the morning, then the rest of your day would be easier than that first task. Waking up an hour early is so essential to eat that frog because it will give you momentum for the day. Once you have done this for a week you'll start seeing it fall into routine.

4) Delegate. One thing HyperTribe is always pushing our members to do it to delegate to us as much as possible. You are essentially freeing up your own time to rest, relax or just work more if you delegate to us. We will provide you with contacts you are searching for, information and much more to help with your development.

5) Ask your peers. The point of our community is so that everyone can learn from you and you can learn from them. Imagine that, you have a shortcut and a way of asking people..."hey what worked for you?" and then copying it. There is no need to spend hours figuring something out just shortcut your development and ask your supportive peers.

I hope these tips are helpful and if you want more like this remember to subscribe below. If you would like us to do a FREE social media audit book in with us here.

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