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Stream Now: Without You by Van Storck

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Without You by @vanstorckmusic available to stream now. A great summer vibe and deep house track ready to click and press play on all streaming platforms. ⁠

Brazilian, born in São Paulo, Vanessa Storck, aka “Van Storck ,” dedicates her life to music for 14 years as a DJ.⁠

In her first year as a DJ she participated in a competition, of which she was the winner, and secured her place in the casting of one of the largest agencies of artists in Brazil, at the time Plus Talent, where she remained for 8 years.⁠

With a solid national career, the artist has expanded her performances to foreign solos and has been on tour in 6 countries, among them: Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Mexico, Portugal and USA.⁠

Versatility, charisma, and impeccable technique are the main qualities that stand out in her presentations, which work both in the mainstream and in the underground.⁠

With delicate features and strong expressions, Van Storck contaminates the dance floor with sets that go through House Music and its strands.⁠

As she does in her performances as a DJ, as a producer her musical genre is House and she usually ventures in between the most serious and conceptual compositions to the most relaxed and dancing vibes.⁠

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