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Using the Christmas Period to Benefit your Music

As we start closing down for the year there is great excitement about getting closer to Christmas and having the space to take time off. Yes, that is true but also there is a small bit of anxiety that does set in about how productive you could be and how well you can use this time to your benefit. If you fit into the latter category of this then this post is for you and I am here to let you know a little bit about the mind and creativity.

One thing that Christmas can bring is a time of peace and thinking. We can have the space to really start to relax and create. With no more meetings, admin or part-time jobs to think about for a few days or if you are really lucky a few weeks. Being creative, having the space to not put pressure on yourself is a great way to spark those creative juices.

According to Maslow's hierarchy of needs, we all need a little self-fulfilment after our psychological and basic needs are taken care of.

I believe Christmas and time off for the holidays really helps with meeting these fundamental needs, to get us to self-fulfilment.

Given this, the first thing to look at is are you getting enough rest? Start the holidays with gaining back that energy you might have lost in the build-up to Christmas and just be as lazy as possible for the first few days. Secondly spend time with family and friends to get those psychological needs met too. Once you have had your fill of these make sure you're maybe spending time literally being bored.

We underestimate how being bored can fuel our need to create and push ourselves. Don't just turn on Netflix or electronics, go outside, walk, get inspired. Not with the intention of writing or creating just with the intention of being inspired by things. You might start to find you discover a lot about yourself!

The golden rule is don't do any of these activities with the mindset you should be working. That will cause anxiety and a state of stress, which is never good for creativity. Start with small and basic tasks and rest and relax, then build slowly at your own pace.

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