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Why as a Musician You Must Be On Tiktok

"I've got the music and the people, so how about we do a dance challenge." That was the words of a young man from Tiktok, Mongolia who had just gone through some training with his colleagues. His friends were astonished at his suggestion. So he explained: "So I'm going to give them a dance challenge. If they can do a five-minute freestyle song, then I will get them a beer." Amazingly, his friends went all out and made the video go viral on YouTube and other networking platforms.

A social media platform was responsible for this success. The app that was developed was a perfect tool to reach out to and connect with target customers and potential fans. It was quickly downloaded by active users. The team behind the app understood that the best way to become viral was to create an active app that was engaging and attractive. They knew that they could reach out to their audience and become active users in a matter of minutes.

Over the last half a year we have seen a major shift of the online content that is being produced. It has moved from images and 'professional' photoshoots, to quick 15 second video content that can be consumed at a super-fast rate. This has been fuelled by TikTok and its format on the platform. We can now see a major shift with YouTube developing its program around YouTube Shorts as they create their own version of the TikTok Creators Fund.

Tiktok itself is the most engaged platforms out there, beating the likes of Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. If as a music artist that doesn't already convince you then this should.

Looking for somewhere to start as a musician on TikTok? Check out our masterclass by our member and mentor Chloe Diana inside our community. Join here for access.

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