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Maya Lakhani

"It was just what I needed to kick-start my solo music efforts"

Maya Lakhani - HyperTriber 

Nyotaa HyperTriber

"HyperTribe has changed my views within the music industry. You can learn and create independently with great help of mentorship and guidance they have provided as a team."

Nyotaa - HyperTriber


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For musicians looking to grow their brand

Personalised branding tools

Group mentoring

1-to-1 monthly strategy mentoring

Personalised content calendar

Personalised branding board

Tailored networking

Access to all live masterclasses including Q&A's

Members networking and chat 

Industry Events + Discounts

Access to Industry Expert Sessions

Monthly meet-ups


Toolkit and resources

Access to over 100+ resources

Access to our Incubator Course

Access to Artist Entrepreneur Course

HyperTribe onboarding experience

Your first 7 days on us

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