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Learn about the steps to kick-start your full-time career in music.

You are ready to grow in every way you can with music. Music is everything to you and you know that if you don’t fight for it then nothing will ever happen. Join us for an hour training where we'll focus on the next steps you need to take in order to take your music gig full time with confidence. 


Hypertribe founder Kimmy Dickson will show you how to get there, as well as ways the Hypertribe community can help you with the journey.


"Do your research. Have a look at what funding is out there, that is a great way for you to invest in your music full time. Also, have a look at what other opportunities are out there!."

Kaylee Golding - HyperTribe mentor

Nyotaa HyperTriber

"HyperTribe has changed my views within the music industry. You can learn and create independently with great help of mentorship and guidance they have provided as a team."

Nyotaa - HyperTriber

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