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Reels - Your Guide to Starting Out

Over the last few months we have been encouraging a lot of our members to get on to reels and Tiktok. What I found during our 1-to-1 chats is that the number one thing that artists have a problem with when starting out on this new medium is to find a place where it suits them. At HyperTribe alone we have seen a 6000% increase in discovery in just a few weeks.

If you need more proof about why this is so important for musicians and why now is the time to capitalise then have a read here: Why as a Musician You Must Be On Tiktok (

Here is a short guide on how to find your reel style and how to get comfortable with it.

So what is your reel style and how do you find it?

Start with the basics

1) Don't worry about what is expected of you just start getting used to what is out there. I always recommend to our members that they need to start off with the basics. You need to know the app you are using and also how to use it. Just start with taking a scroll of what you see and then start adding sounds, videos and more to your favourites.

Beginning to save ideas

2) Once you have started to get a good feel for the app and save ideas that come to you. Don't worry at this stage if you can or can't actually make those reels a reality but what we are doing right now is to make sure you can get a feel for a style.

Messing around with ideas

3)Try out your top 3 ideas and make sure you can get a variety of different styles. From comedic to duets it's all about just being able to get comfortable on camera. Finding your style is the outcome for this.

Trial and Error

4) Your number one rule is trial and error when it comes to reels. Start finding which ones work and which ones don't. As we say over here at HyperTribe, take forward those that are giving you results and leave behind things that are not.

Need help? Why not work with us? We will help you in your social posting and brand development to make sure you are on the right track as an artist. Join as a member today.

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