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Spotify: How playlists might not be the solution

After launching hundreds of campaigns over the two years, many artists are keen to get placements with playlists. These can range from Spotify's curated playlists and third-party playlists. We have found that a playlist can create a lot of streams, but is it really the solution to finding real followers and a dedicated fanbase? We have found it might not be.

The debate is really between streams vs followers on Spotify. I can assume if there was a choice between a dedicated following that kept streaming your music on a regular basis, versus a quick bit of exposure from a playlist most artists would choose the former.

In short, Spotify followers offer a returning fanbase that most artists can consistently come back to, while playlist placements can often revert to just a few streams of exposure.

This is because if we realistically look at how users on Spotify listen to playlists, it is often a stream here and there, rather than returning to the artist's actual profile.

There is definitely an argument to say that playlist placements can offer some good exposure for an artist. In addition, playlists can show a spike in discovery. However, there is more leverage with a smaller selection of dedicated followers and offers the artist more longevity for an artist's career.

What we recommend for artists is to prevent an overreliance on playlist placements to increase their following. Marketing activities should consist of a healthy balance between sought-after playlist placements, and a push towards increasing a following through more traditional methods.

I can fully appreciate that this can be a difficult thing to achieve as an independent artist which is why over the last year or so, HyperTribe has been on a journey to really dive into how an independent artist can really grow on Spotify.

Our recent programme starting on 1st February called HyperGrow is a product of our current research and findings. We have put our experts to the test to find ways to help our members and others really grow that dedicated following, with a 100% money-back guarantee if we don't help with your growth.

We use a mix of traditional and exclusive resources to just manage your profile without you having to worry about it. The deadline is fast approaching for this quarter's cohort so get applying today! Deadline is 18th Jan 2022.

See more about HyperGROW here:

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