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Calling all singers, songwriters and performers! In collaboration with Shure, we invite you to join our music mentoring programme. This short, 5-week course is aimed to improve your knowledge and skills in various aspects of the music industry, such as equipment and technology, production, performance, technical aspects, and touring logistics. By attending these events and workshops, you will gain insights and learn techniques that will help you enhance your music career.

By the end of this programme, you will gain a deeper understanding of Shure products and how they can improve your sound quality, learn new techniques and tools for producing music from home, improve your live performance skills, and learn how to engage with your audience, understand the technical aspects of RF and monitor systems and how to use them effectively and learn about the financial and logistical aspects of touring, including budgeting, planning, and managing expenses.

Some of the most renowned figures in the music industry will be hosting this programme. Check out their bios below.

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DJ on the Set

Shure Intro session 

WEEK 1 - 1st May
  • Introduction to HyperTribe and Shure.

  • The facilitators and other participants in the session

  • The topics that will be covered during the training

  • The guest speakers and industry professionals who will be sharing their insights and experiences.

Recording at home with Annie

WEEK 2 - 11th May
  • Introduction to Annie, her work, and progress

  • Recording at home basics, including equipment, selecting a good recording space, and quick results

  • Recording at home advanced, including advanced equipment, workflow, and processing

  • Top tips from Annie on collaboration, marketing, and being an independent artist

  • Outro - summary, next steps, and social call-outs.

Performing Live with Annie

WEEK 3 -15th May
  • Preparing for a live performance, including rehearsing, selecting the right venue, and creating a setlist.

  • Setting up the stage, including equipment needed, soundcheck, and troubleshooting common issues.

  • Interacting with the audience, including stage presence, engaging the crowd, and dealing with mistakes.

  • Post-performance activities, including reviewing the performance, collecting feedback, and building relationships with fans and other musicians.

  • Tips and tricks from Annie on how to enhance your live performances and take your career to the next level.

Touring and Budgeting with Megan collier 

WEEK 4 - 22nd May
  • Introduction to touring and budgeting, and their importance for musicians and music industry professionals.

  • Understanding the basics of touring, including types of tours, tour planning, and logistics.

  • Understanding the basics of budgeting, including creating and managing budgets, and forecasting expenses and revenues.

  • Best practices for touring and budget management, including negotiating with venues and vendors, managing travel expenses, and merchandising.

  • Troubleshooting common touring and budgeting issues, including unforeseen expenses, cancellations, and low ticket sales.

  • Tips and tricks from Megan Collier and yourself on how to optimize touring and budgeting for live events, and ways to grow your fan base and increase revenue.


WEEK 5 - 29th May
  • Recap of everything we have learned

  • Q and A

What does the 5-week programme include?


Jack Drury

Jack Drury has represented Artist Relations and Industry Relations for various brands across 8 years, working on press with global touring artists and activations with exciting emerging talent.

At Shure, Jack assists the Influencer relations team - lining up artists for branded content, product launches and other activations within the brand. Recent projects include the popular “Make the World Your Stage” video series and the “MV88+ Stereo” product launch.

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