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Boosting your Fanbase through Spotify: Quick tips for artists

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

We know that growing on Spotify can be hard and difficult. It can be even harder to get your fans coming back to stream your songs again and again. By increasing your following, rather than streams, you can know that a release is going to be successful. It also increases your release rate with Spotify and can be a great tool to increase the chances of virality.

Over the last year we have learnt that, although playlists can be a great tool to boost a following, they can also be a quick win that doesn't come back. Playlist placement is great for those who want a quick spike in streams, but after that, we need to see new fans and your fans coming back for your next release.

So here are a few essential quick tips to growing your Spotify.

  • Pre-save campaigns work wonders, so don't skip this essential step. Before the song is released, make sure you run your pre-save campaign to boost chances of really making it onto the release radar. Redirect your fans using a link that can help them very easily find how to pre-save your future releases, so you can get that essential email address and re-market them for the next release.

  • Make sure all your images, bio and Instagram are in order. Fans want to know more about you. So many artists skip this step, and the truth is we are all shallow. If you don't have a good image, bio or any more links to any other pages, fans just won't look. Your music should be in order and be able to be found, as well as your story. Your brand and story make up so much of who you are. It's the difference between a fan and an avid fan.

  • Start a playlist for your following, so you have more promotional power. Starting your own playlist to put your new music, means the power is back in your hands. Playlists take a lot of dedication but it is something if built well with other songs from your genre of music you can leverage for now and in the future.

  • Set up small assets, that link to your Spotify profile to help with promotion. If you are fortunate to have the budget to promote your songs and work them across paid media channels, then you should be creating 10 to 15-second video snippets for promotion. Make these visuals fit the artwork and genre of the song so they look enticing to click, and run a 2-week campaign before and after the release with a link to your profile page.

  • Send fans to your profile page, rather than a song so that they follow you and not just the song. If you want people coming back for more don't just let them stream the song, let them see your whole profile that shows who you are. That way fans can really tap into you as an artist. That's what you want, not just a small spike from your current song. Make sure your Spotify profile is easy to find and easy to navigate, so they can find the current release but also a way to get that follower count up from your profile page is a big bonus.

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