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Top Tools Musicians should use in 2021

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Marc Andreessen -- founder of the venture capitalist firm Andreessen Horowitz -- famously said:

"Software is eating the world"

That's true for the world. It's just as true for us music artists. No matter how you cut it, using software, tools, and platforms is a modern-day requirement.

For musicians and music artists, the software you choose enables better productivity, more capability, reach, promotional pathways, and so much more.

If you are a music artist looking to improve your skills, promote your work, build a credible brand, and create better music, go nerdy.

Make software, tools, and platforms your best friends.

The best way to do this is by investing in the latest technology. By using these new tools for musicians, you will be able to take your music career to new heights.

Here are some top tools musicians and music artists must use in 2021:


Did you know that you could make $40 out of every $1 you spend on it if you did email marketing right? Email marketing gives you a whopping 4300% return on investment. It's the single best thing you could do for your business.

Thankfully, you now have two very specific features for musicians within the Convertkit product suite:

Convertkit for Musicians: Converkit for Musicians is specifically built to help you grow your fan base, nurture your fans, and sell your craft as a musician.

Instead of renting an audience and depending on other platforms (such as YouTube or Spotify), you can "own" your audience with ConvertKit.


ConvertKit Commerce: Convertkit helps you sell digital products to the audience, fans, or user base you build.

As a musician, you could sell digital products such as demo tracks, singles, entire albums, soundtracks, jingles, beats, full-fledged memberships, access to videos (video on demand), eBooks, and so much more.

Waveform Pro

Waveform Pro is an affordable and efficient producer/artist management software with a built-in marketplace for distributing music and videos, and live streams.

Waveform is laser-focused on music production and was built specifically for the needs of modern musicians.

Other software companies have to cater to a wide range of users, while Waveform only focuses on being an easy-to-use creative producer by helping you establish creative and efficient music production workflows.

With Waveform as a Digital Audio Workstation(DAW), you can work on a variety of genres such as EDM, Hip hop, electronic, house, and more.

You can also get access to several built-in FX plugins, content resources, and more features to accomplish your creative work.


Bandlab is a web platform that allows artists to collaborate on recordings, mix their own tracks, share them online easily, have the latest gear shipped worldwide at any time they want (and no need of a boatload of money), and the best part is, it's all free.

Bandlab includes unlimited audio recording storage, full multitrack sharing with other musicians in real-time; file import/export for more efficient workflows, and more.

Bandlab's Cakewalk is a modern recording studio suite using which you can easily compose, record, mix, master, and share your audio.

We wrote about BandLab earlier, and you can check out the post if you want to learn more about BandLab in detail.


The new music marketing tool Kewttr has a social unlock feature that automatically displays different pieces of content to customers, which is perfect for artists who use funnel marketing.

Purpose-built to help your fans increasingly engaged with you (the artist), Kewttr helps you use the power of digital marketing for your music.

Other features and tools also include direct messaging campaigns for music artists, influencer marketing (ride on the backs of giants?), smart links, and real-time reports to help artists and labels monitor how their competitors use social media.


Normally, most music creators don't think of the power of curated music. Think of "curators" as your own public relations team.

Curators help by curating music from music artists and help promote your music, expand your reach, and help you grow your fan base.

Normally, PR is expensive. So, how do you do it for low cost (but still effective?), Enter Musosoup.

Musosoup for artists can help you by making your music available for music curators. What does a music curator do? They help promote your music, expand your reach and grow your fan base.

Musosoup is so affordable that it's almost like you're hiring the best PR firm in town for free (almost).

Which of these new tools for music artists will you use in 2021? Tell us in the comments below.

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